This is a terrific book for anyone, especially those who remember, and long for, simpler times.  Two thumbs up!
Mr. Smith will continue to entertain us with great action/suspense/romance stories of "Lucky" Nick Seven, Vic Fallon and others as the newest members of heroes to join the ranks of Dirk Pitt and Ben Gannon.
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Other Authors I
For more information about these authors and a preview of their works, and ordering information, feel free to click on the link to their website.
D.P. Roseberry
If you like the works of King, Koontz and Straub, you'll love DP Roseberry!
Henry Custer
Mr. Custer has the gift of a true storyteller!
George Elkin Albitz
A comedic genius!
Tim Smith
Linda Alexander
An author of many talents.  From romance to suspense and mystery, she is also top notch in her nonfiction exposes'.
Joyce Sterling Scarbrough
There are writers and then there are Authors!  Mrs. Scarbrough is definitely among the ranks of one of the finest authors today.  The realism and character identification are uncanny.  Her publisher is very lucky to have such a talented author represent them.
Joyce Rapier 
Mary Lou Hagen
A very gifted writer of historical romance you are sure to enjoy.
Dennis Griffin
Probably the best mystery writer I have ever read.  His first hand knowledge is unmistakeable.  Mr. Griffin ranks up there with the likes of Earl Stanley Garner, Elery Queen, and A.A. Fair.
Terry Lloyd Vinson
The torch has been passed for the master of the horror/suspense genre!  If the rumors of Stephen King's retirement are true, we can take great comfort in the rising star that is Terry Vinson!
Jay Squires
This is one of the most talented new authors that I have had the pleasure of discovering.  His story telling ability is awesome, his characters alive, and  the style refreshing.  Definitely recommended!  Two thumbs up!
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